Conference Hall Rental


The conference room are equipped with the latest technology. Air conditioning and heater of air,  forced ventilation through modern filtration systems allow visitors to concentrate on the event, rather than waiting for the next break to "run out into the street - breathe fresh air"

Description of conference hall equipment


  We made every effort and imagination in order to create conference-hall with technically modern, homely, warm, clean air and an educational atmosphere that could accommodate 40 participants.

  In the Conference Hall, which is located on the ground floor of our building, there are:


  - Audience for up to 40 people, respectively 40 soft chairs and 6 tables (3 people each);

  - Comfortable 2 restrooms;

  - Cafe (coffee break area) for 16 people;

  - Wardrobe where 40 people can undress.


  The hall is equipped with climatic equipment, forced-air and exhaust ventilation with cleaning and, if necessary, air heating, two air conditioners, a warm floor, eight lighting groups, mechanical dimming systems, a large magnetic whiteboard, an electro-mechanical screen, a multimedia projector, a sound receiver accompaniment, US-made acoustic systems, high-chairs, chair and speaker table.

  The hall uses furniture "transformer", created according to our drawings and design, which allows you to change the location of the seating of the event participants in a short period of time. Exquisite design in a business style. High-quality environmentally friendly materials used during repair work in the room.

   The conference-hall is equipped with high-speed WiFi. 


  All this, for you! For your comfort and health!

  All of the above will help create an unforgettable experience not only of the charisma of the speakers, the possibility of implementing all kinds of event scenarios, but also of our cordiality, ability to negotiate with each client, adapt to his concept and wishes.

Prices for rental of conference halls

  The cost of renting conference hall has a variable pricing system: the earlier you book and make an advance payment - you have cheaper the cost of renting a hall. If you book a hall for 4 hours, the cost of each hour of rental will be more expensive than you book a hall for the several days.  The cost of renting premises after hours is more expensive than on weekdays.

  The use of a coffee break area, multimedia equipment will increase the total rental price. Flipchart, magnetic whiteboard, markers, HVAC equipment, WiFi are included in the base cost of renting conference hall. The basic cost of renting a hall will cost you 600 UAH per hour.

  To get a more favorable price for renting a conference room, do not forget to indicate in the booking form your promotional code for the discount, phone number / e-mail address by which you are registered in our loyalty program. Or try to book 10 or more days before the event and get the maximum discount on the early booking discount system. Read more about the loyalty program and discounts on the Promotions page.