Promotions, loyalty program


Spring discounts for the rental hall

    Spring has come - prices have melted!

   With the advent of spring, we are in a hurry to please our dear customers about a 30% reduction in the price of renting a conference room. Now the basic cost of a 1 hour rental of our conference room is only 600 UAH.
   But you can get a rental room even cheaper if you take advantage of the early booking discount and book the room more than 10 days before the event (+ 10% discount). Total cost of renting one hour will be 540 UAH.
    Hurry to book a room now, as the days available for rent are “melting” before our eyes!




  New Year Promotion!


  The period of the New Year holidays has always brought joy to those who rest, but do not forget that the holidays end and work days come.

  Only from 12/30/2019 to 01/15/2020 there is a special offer of the loyalty program expressed in 10% of an additional discount, which is added to the constantly existing discounts of our price list.

  It is possible to take advantage of the offer by completing several simple registration procedures:

 - Go to the reservation section through the form (order-hall) using the promo code “NY2020” and fill out the reservation application form.

 - Get confirmation from the administrator about the free dates and times.

 - Answer a few clarifying questions related to the use of equipment and the organization of coffee breaks.

 - Receive an invoice for payment of services by email.

 - The administrator will immediately confirm the receipt of your funds in the current account.

  Booking completed!

  Hurry up!


  Ability to receive early booking discounts!


  The principle of obtaining the maximum discount when making an early booking. The sooner you make a reservation, the higher the discount rate. You trust us, we encourage you!:

  •   2-3 days - discount 3%
  •   4-6 days - discount 5%
  • 7-10 days - discount 7%
  • more then 10 days - discount 10%

Loyalty Program


  Law Agent highly appreciates cooperation with regular customers!

  Especially for you, we offer to use the accumulative loyalty program in the form of discounts and bonuses.

  The size of the permanent discount depends on the amount received by us for the services provided to you.

  The discount rate is personal and assigned to you or your company for the entire duration of the Cooperation Agreement. A guarantee of non-use of your discount by third parties is binding to a specific phone number or email.

  Name of programs. 

  - BRONZE            discount – 1% - 10 000 грн.

  - SILVER              discount – 2% -  30 000 грн.

  - GOLD                 discount – 3% -  60 000 грн.

  - PLATINUM       discount – 4% - 100 000 грн.

  - DIAMOND         discount – 5% - 150 000 грн.


  Agent of Law always sends promo codes to its regular customers and partners for which bonuses and special offers for discounts are provided.

  Becoming a member of our loyalty program is easy!

  Use any provided service of the Agent of Law platform.